Farmers and Artisans Market

Beginning June 12, PERC will be hosting a weekly Farmers and Artisans Market in support of local farming and community artisans. The weekly event will be on PERC grounds (108 South Street) on Mondays from 9am till 6pm. There is ample parking for guests and visitors.

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There are no space limits. For farmers and artisans who want to be a part of the market, bring your tables, chairs and canopy.  You will be able to park your vehicles on the grounds.  You can stay all day or half of the day or choose your own hours. The cost is $25. 

Reservations are on a first-come first-served basis. There are no seasonal fees. All artisan items must be original and handmade; PERC does not accept any resale of commercial products.

If you are an interested farmer or an artisan please e-mail us at or contact Rev. Banu O. Moore, OblSB through the Church Office at 315.252.3861.

Looking forward to supporting our community!

PERC @ the Mansion

First Presbyterian Church Event and Retreat Center is about to begin its ministry... Please visit for information and updates. Event calendar will be up and running soon.  If you are interested in attending events and workshops as well as private and group retreats e-mail us at

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Watercolor Original -- Bradley J. Cole

Annual Quilt Show

Scrap Happy Quilting Group held its annual quilt show on January 28 and it was a great success.  In the midst of art and fellowship, quilters supported mission and ministry. As a result of a very busy day, they donated the following:

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$230 to First Presbyterian Church

$133 and 416 food items to the Calvary Food Pantry

$52 to the Women’s Circle for their help with refreshment table

8 children’s quilts to the Cayuga County Child  Advocacy Center.

Scrap Happy Quilting Group meets on the 1st Thursday of each month at our church. All quilters, knitters, crocheters, etc. are welcome… Next meeting is scheduled for THURSDAY, APRIL 5 AT 9:30AM. Please come and join us for fun, creativity and fellowship…