Presbyterian Event and Retreat Center

Third Annual Christmas Fayre

We have so much to celebrate at our 3rd Christmas Fayre this year that we have run out of room on our poster... Mark your calendars for December 7 for an opportunity of gift-giving without the wastefulness... prioritizing meaning and creativity over materials… choosing gifts for people on the gift lists, while helping others who are not on anyone's gift list. Charitable donations, upcycled items, help for community projects, and more... Fun and inspiring ways to celebrate God’s gifts and love. Lots to come... this is just the beginning... Let us make this year's Fayre one of mission and ministry...

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Advent Calendar Workshop

Celebrate the mystery of Advent by creating an Advent Calendar which can be passed on to generations... Join us on Friday, November 22, 10am-1pm for a time of prayer, creativity and fellowship... Please sign up so that we have enough supplies... For those who are unable to be there Pastor Banu will be leading a mini workshop on December 1 after worship to help with calendars. Let us bring back the mystery of Advent... Questions? Please message us...

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Fighting Poverty with Handmade Gifts

According to The World Bank, over 700 million people worldwide live on less than two dollars a day. This year First Presbyterian Church is partnering with Serrv International, a nonprofit who empowers nearly 8,000 artisans living in poverty to build better lives for themselves and their families through the sale of beautiful handmade gifts.

On Saturday, December 7 at our Christmas Fayre at the P.E.R.C, you will be able to purchase high-quality hand-painted, handwoven, and handcrafted gifts from around the world. Each purchase employs artisans and farmers living in marginalized communities worldwide.

Our Serrv sale will give the community an opportunity to buy meaningful gifts with beautiful stories— the story of an artisan or farmer receiving a fair wage for their work, of sending a child to school, or preserving an ageless craft. Proceeds also help fund improvement projects in the artisans’ communities, including healthcare and environmental protection programs.

Serrv, as a fair trade nonprofit, has a 70-year history of supporting and working with global artisans and farmers in marginalized communities worldwide, which complements our church’s mission as we strive to be a community of justice and peace in a world broken and suffering, yet full of God’s wondrous possibilities for healing and wholeness.

Their purchases of handcrafted home décor, fashion, and food items, which are sold nationwide, allow producers to fund artisan employment, community building, healthcare, and education initiatives. The company’s values and close connection to citizens of 25 countries allows for unique insight into the challenges and suffering of people on a global scale.


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Tailgate Festival 2019

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Spaces for rent -- $15

Saturday, August 3, 2019


Open to crafters, artists, antiques, garage sale items, farmers, etc...

 Coffee, drinks, baked goods, and Chicken BBQ available day of sale.

TO RESERVE SPACE PLEASE CALL 315.252.3861 by August 1, 2019

Application is attached.

2019 Tailgate Festival Vendor Application