Ash Wednesday


Ashes, Prayers and Blessing to Go... March 6 marks the beginning of Lent... Pastors James and Banu will be distributing ashes in the church parking lot from 5:30pm till 6:30pm... Ashes are prepared from previous year's blessed and reserved palms.

As Joan Chittister reminds us, "Lent is a call to weep for what we could have been and are not. Lent is the grace to grieve for what we should have done and did not. Lent is the opportunity to change what we ought to change but have not. Lent is not about penance. Lent is about becoming, doing and changing whatever it is that is blocking the fullness of life in us right now. Lent is a summons to live anew."

Stop or drive by to mark your Lenten pilgrimage...